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Interpersonal and social rhythm therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychoeducation and family-oriented therapy applications are among the psychotherapy techniques that can be used in the treatment of bipolar disorder.

Social rhythm therapies are generally effective psychotherapy techniques in the regulation of daily activities such as sleep, nutrition and exercise. Cognitive behavioral therapy, which can also be considered as a type of speech therapy, aims to create awareness about the disorder and the thought patterns that occur depending on the disorder. Psychoeducation and family-oriented therapy practices are psychotherapy techniques that can be effective on the awareness of both the patient and the people around this disorder and learning the key points that should be applied to keep it under control.

The main purpose of drug treatment for sudden attacks is to stabilize the person in a way that ensures the safety of the patient and the people around him. Mood stabilizers and antipsychotic drugs are the primary treatment approaches that can be used to control mania and depressive episodes in bipolar disorder. The main drug in bipolar disorder, especially in the manic period, is lithium. Lithium is the drug considered the gold standard in the treatment approach to bipolar disorder, and it can significantly reduce the risk of suicide in long-term use.

More than half of the patients treated with this medicine have a reduction in manic episodes. For lithium, the dose of which should be adjusted very well due to the many side effects it may cause, the blood level of the patient is regularly examined during the patient’s controls and the necessary adjustments are made to ensure that the drug dose is within the therapeutic range.

Carbamazepine and valproic acid drugs, which are evaluated among anticonvulsant drugs, may be effective in regulating the patient’s mood during a sudden-onset manic attack. When necessary, various drugs classified as atypical antipsychotics by physicians can be added to the current treatment or they can be prescribed alone. Prescribed medications should not be discontinued without the knowledge and decision of physicians.

In case some patients exhibit dangerous actions for themselves and their environment, it may be decided by physicians to admit them to appropriate clinics. In this application, which is preferred especially for people with psychotic symptoms, the patient is treated in hospital conditions.

In bipolar disorder, as well as the treatment of attacks, preventive treatment is performed to prevent the emergence of attacks. Bipolar disorder does not have a specific treatment plan. The physician plans the treatment according to the patient and the period he is in. In addition to drug treatment, providing the patient with information about the disease, regulating his daily life, avoiding alcohol and substance use, and gaining the ability to cope with stress are among the most important anti-attack approaches.

There is no method that is considered to be absolutely effective in preventing bipolar disorder. Be aware of the fact that diagnosis and treatment in the early stages of the disease may prevent it from worsening. If you or your relative has some of the depressive episode or manic episode symptoms mentioned in the article, and if you notice that the symptoms are periodic, it is recommended that you immediately consult your nearest mental health professional (psychiatrist).

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