Your Questions On Polish Dating Sites

Helen asks…

Why dont I ever get a Reply from a dating site.?

First thing a see is that the person was last online 1 month ago, some even 6 months ago, the only really good site I ever joined was a polish dating site, these dating sites seem to be a waste of time and money, b/c the person you are contacting has not paid, so they cant contact back, its like talking to the wall. I have a great picture, good wording, Im finding that its better to meet people face to face.

datepolish answers:

The trouble is that the dating sites don’t delete the profiles of people whose membership has lapsed, and as you say, you can’t tell which are the paid up members anyway. Most of the dating sites advertise that you can sign up for free, so people don’t realise that they won’t be able to contact anyone until they pay. Make sure your profile comes across a someone a Polish single would be interested in. Show off your Polish dating knowledge in your singles profile. Let the Polish man or woman know you want to visit Poland soon

Carol asks…

is there a web site for polish guys in U.S. who’d like to date polish ladies from U.S.?


datepolish answers:

If you are look for a site to date hot Polish men and women you should target that specifically. Do a search on Polishdating on google and you’ll find some of the better Polish singles sites out there.

Here is the best Polish Dating Site we’ve found so far. It has free online dating features.

Lizzie asks…

Would you happen to know where all the best ,but free Polish dating sites are?

this polish gal is ready to get her dancing shoes on .(ready to date and meet some handsome Polish men)

datepolish answers:, or

they are both the same site. It’s free, and there’s an option to “upgrade” but I don’t think that will do you any good. Have fun!!

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